Looking For Work?  LinkedIn must  be a part of your daily job search diet.   This comprehensive DVD shows you how!

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Jason Alba wrote the book on LinkedIn.  Well, he wrote the second published book, which has been called The Bible on LinkedIn.

Jason is the CEO and founder of JibberJobber.com, also called a job search organizer or a personal relationship management tool.

Jason is a prolific speaker. His work has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal’s, Money Magazine, CIO, hundreds of blogs and dozens of newspapers and radio stations.


Whether you are in a job search or not, if you care about career management, LinkedIn is not optional.  LinkedIn has over 160 million signups (not users) who have interest in finding partners, colleagues, customers, employees, opportunities, etc.  Will you be found by someone who’s looking for you?  If you are found, what will they find?

More than just a directory to be found in, you can use LinkedIn to find your right opportunities and professional relationships.  This DVD helps you start at the beginning, and move through intermediate steps, to get the most out of your LinkedIn experience.

Originally designed for job seekers, this DVD is appropriate for anyone looking to get more value out of LinkedIn.


This THIRD EDITION DVD includes 27 videos on using LinkedIn. Most videos are very specific, and under 10 minutes.

As you go through the DVD you’ll understand the hows and whys of different features of LinkedIn. To see more details click here.

  1. Introduction to LinkedIn for Job Seekers
  2. LinkedIn Home Page
  3. Profile Optimization: Part I (above the fold)
  4. Profile Optimization: Part II (above the fold)
  5. Profile Optimization: The Summary
  6. Profile Optimization: Below the Fold
  7. Profile Optimization: Applications
  8. Profile Optimization: Adding Video
  9. LinkedIn Skills
  10. LinkedIn Companies
  11. LinkedIn Groups
  12. LinkedIn Groups: Owning a Group (Group Administration)
  13. LinkedIn Jobs
  14. Advanced People Search
  15. Communicating Through LinkedIn
  16. Inviting People to Connect
  17. Getting Recommendations
  18. Giving Recommendations
  19. Answers: Asking Questions
  20. Answers: Answering Questions
  21. Managing Your Settings
  22. Browsing Connections
  23. BONUS: 10 Things to do NOW
  24. BONUS: 20 Questions (FAQS)
  25. BONUS: Exporting Contacts
  26. BONUS: Cleaning the Export
  27. BONUS: Importing into JibberJobber

Normally $59.95+4.95 S&H,  on sale for Only $49.95 w/no S&H.  Hurry!  Discount ends the last day of the month!  LinkedIn is a registered trademark of the LinkedIn Corporation. Jason Alba is not a Certified Trainer and is not affiliated in any way with the LinkedIn Corporation.